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The Riverhouse Doodle Family

Riverhouse Doodles has a rich 15 year history of breeding high quality even tempered, health tested family friendly dogs and puppies. The foundations of the Riverhouse brand were beloved Kelly Green English Lab "Jack" and Standard Poodle "Peanut".    Riverhouse Bernedoodles is the Bernedoodle extension of Riverhouse Doodles.  We breed exceptional puppies with warm and mellow personalities .  


Happy, Healthy Puppies

All Riverhouse Bernedoodle pups are ethically raised in the house in a loving family environment.  Our puppies are health guaranteed, immunized, dewormed and vet cleared.  

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A Furever Friend

Riverhouse Bernedoodles are perfect additions to your family if you are looking for a loving, loyal and somewhat laid back  companion.  Bernedoodles typically are more Netflix and Chill and less jogging partners.  Due to the stress and potential damage to large breed joints and hips, strenuous exercise such as distance running and high jumping are strongly discouraged until your dog reaches full maturity.  

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Our Bernedoodle babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend, to ask any questions or to inquire about future puppies for sale. 

Riverhouse Bernedoodles

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